nicht wertende Reihenfolge von songs, die mir gut gefallen

Linkin park: breaking the habit, points of authority

nancy sinatra: bang-bang

the cure: there is no if

bright eyes: take it easy, easy/lucky/free
(Don’t you weep (don’t you weep)
There is nothing as lucky, as easy, or free)

James Blunt: beautiful

REM: i’ll take the rain

depeche mode: little 15 ( all that she wants is dreaming your wishes… she wants to see with your eyes she wants to smile with your smile she wants a nice surprise every once in a while….)

jack johnson: losing hope

leonard cohen: the story of isaac

leonard cohen: tonight will be fine

silverchair: ana’s song (open fire), anthem for the year 2000

eurythmics: sweet dreams

placebo: i’ll be yours, ask for answers, eyesight ot the blind, teenage angst, pierrot the clown, …

belle and sebastian: linke dylan in the movies

morrissey: first of the gang to die

porcupine tree: piano lessons

malice mizer: s-conscious

leonard cohen: the partisan

rage against the machine: fistfull of steel

jimmy eat world: hear you me (what would you think of me now so lucky so strong so proud), for me this is heaven

(Ich weiß auch nicht, warum ich so gerne Listen schreibe. Meine Vorfahren waren wohl deutsche Buchhalter mit pathologischem Listenschreibzwang.)


Eine Antwort to “songs”

  1. P Says:

    so ein kleines Mädchen und dann solche krach-bumm-musik 🙂

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