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awkward lack of coolness

Januar 26, 2010

I was just trying for more speed while backkicking my waterbag when I saw an image of someone moving in the mirror. Suddenly aware of being watched I turned to look at a bunch of teenagers. They were grinning and giving me thumbs-up.
I tried for a cool smile and kept on kicking my sandbag. Somehow I felt the urge to show off some superior double-triple-trickser-spin-thingy (oftentimes I feel the urge to impress teens as I feel the urge to make children smile). Then my mind reminded me of the unstretched wretchedness of my body. I kept on doing my sidekicks, double- and triplesidekicks, tried a few other easy kicks – but I stil felt them watching.

After maybe 20 kicks the situation turned awkward. They were obviously waiting for something cool to happen. (Sorry, folks. Just untrained little me and the sandbag and the giggling baby.)
The situation was awkward as they didn’t pass by but kept watching and talking to each other while – gnaaah- pointing at me.
I took the baby up in my arms, showed it to the crowd as if to apologize for leaving because of the hungry baby (who was in fact perfectly happy sitting on the matress in my work-out room) and fled left.


Januar 26, 2010

I’m willing to give all of you a try: Taekwondo, Kendo, Iado. I’ve written e-mails to all teachers I could find in the near region (2).

I must confess that my heart is with Taekwondo.
II think it’s cooler than the equipment requiring stuff. So much cooler that I’m willing to drive for 30 minutes? We’ll see. Otherwise I’m going to wear one of these wooden costumes.

I don’t mind the weirdness. I mind the price. And I am not exactly awed by the self-defence possibilities of Kendo („Wait… I just have to get my sword… oops, forgot it at home“). Yet what I mind the most is that doing these sports with sticks/swords like fencing or Kendo builds up muscle in your arms and legs. And this looks weird in a tiny woman. No way little me would want to look like Hulk.

Still: I’m going to try this. Because it’s practised in my little town.

At the moment I have the strange idea to do both Taekwondo and Kendo… Time to embrace reality, I guess.

workout and baby

Oktober 28, 2009

I started my taekwondo training after nearly 2 years of pause. I’m not attending any classes (C. and baby-A. wouldn’t like that) but I’m working out at home.
Did you ever try push-ups with a baby on your back? An acquaintance of mine who finished military school told me that they did push-ups with sandbags on their backs. A baby seens way cooler, don’t you think?
I have the intention to really work out on a daily 20min basis (together with the baby). Once a week I’m going into serious (home)training for an hour or so.

Let’s see if the work out works out.

Dezember 22, 2008

I got myself a hand-mitt and a waterbag (both for training purposes) via onlineshopping for Chrismas. Do I really need it? No. But, maybe, just maybe, I’m really going to do this taekwondo-thing sometime. And until then I’ll enjoy having cool equipment all for myself. Because about 10 months ago I decided that I’m going to live the way I want, and exactly the way I want, and if living the way I want includes owning gadgets that might be considered superfluus by other people, well, so be it.

the funny kids and their attacks

Februar 26, 2008

Sparring with the kids is really funny, like a comic strip.

I tell them-tell them – tell them: „Keep your hands up, in front of your face“ and they do it with a most sincere nod for the next 30 seconds. Then they forget about it. … I asked one of them why, do they not remember to keep their hands in front of their face? „Well, of course I remember! But there’s no need to protect my face, you don’t hit me anyway.“ This notion of not defending yourself as you trust the stronger one’s good-heartedness, vvvvvery intelligent. (I know this too well from myself)“And you think if you ever get into a fight, you’ll  know how to block if you don’t practise here and now?“ „Well… You’ll be there to protect me for certain“ (With a most charming boyish grin) 

… and the youngest kids, d’oh, they try attacks by which they outknock  themselves as they can’t keep the balance. So usually when they attack instead of defending myself I end up protecting them from themselves because even with me standing there motionless and uncovered they would hurt themselves. They are funny, like little animals. They don’t think about the consequences, they jump and kick and then they fall (or rather don’t fall as I catch them).