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Ich lass die Diss sein und…

August 11, 2010

* Schreibe Basteiheftchen
* kriege 7 Kinder und Sozialhilfe
* zieh ein enges weißes Jäckchen an und hüpf glücklich gegen die Gummiwände
* meld mich zum Tekken iron fist tournament
* pack die Kinder in Piratenkostüme und mach mit ihnen die Weltmeere unsicher und kehre mit reicher Beute zurück


Juli 24, 2010

Ich will in nächster Zeit einen Film drehen. (veröffentlichen auf youube ^^)
Im Prinzip ist mir der plot egal, er sollte aber cool sein und bloß nicht intellektuell. ^^ Dafür aber mit martial arts und coolen Dialogen.
Ich dachte an irgendeine modernisierte Fassung von irgendeinem Sagenkreis.

Der ganze Ort ist eine perfekte Kulisse ^^
Burgen, Wälder, Seen, Berge.

the left-wing law-and-order superhero

Juli 22, 2010

The higher the rank, the more the person should take care of his or her actions.
If someone is in power, he or she should take responsible, right decisions. He or she should live a decent, honrary life. High officials shouldn’t commit crimes or visit prostitutes in their freetime or use bad language or anything.
Yes, I really think so. I think be becoming a government official or a MP you ought to watch your actions and to keep your virtue.
If you don’t want to do that – well, feel free to curse and drink and lie. But leave office first.

If you choose to represent the Republic you should do it with pious motives 😉 not because it’s a nice way to abuse your power and get your hands on a lot of public money. If someone fails to see that, he should be prosecuted with the utmost rigour of law (finally I found a sentence to use „utmost rigour of law“)
Only that I get the impression that in Austria people can misbehave without paying consequences when they are in power.

…Sometimes I get this odd dream about becoming a superhero. Only that I would put on a white toga and hold Cato-like speeches about morality, freedom and the spirit of law.
… maybe I’m going to rise as some left-wing law-and-order superhero soon. Stay tuned.

Juli 1, 2010

1) 1 Monate facebook-Pause.
2) Ich werde meine e-mails nur noch alle 2 Tage checken.
3) Diss, ich hasse dich. Und ich werd dich so was von fertig machen. Bis du fertig bist. Und dann werde ich fertig sein. Und völlig fertig sein. (Und wer die vierfache Nennung von „fertig“ in unterschiedlichen Kontexten bewundert, hat vollkommen Recht.)



Mai 5, 2009

Who’s in trouble?

We’re in trouble!

How much trouble?

Too much trouble!

(verratzt- verratzt- verratzt)

go usurp the world-rule without me.

Dezember 20, 2008

Somehow I have this annoying feeling of getting nothing accomplished. Example: The empty boxes (destined for the wastepaper-box) in our living room haven’t left the living room since they were emptied 5 weeks ago. The do-it-yourself-closet for our clothes is still in the Ikea-wrapping it was delivered in 7 weeks ago. Don’t ask me about undone laundry, empty shelves in my study and the dust covering my university-books. Oh, jeez, the university. Two kids and pursuing an accademic carreer is very evil. At the moment I don’t dare write my tutor because I haven’t written anything and I feel like our general agreement to write the ph.d with him as a tutor must have expired because I haven’t even fixed a title or written a concept so far…I’m writing this with my youngest daughter on my knees. But I can not imagine writing something complicated which involves balancing a kid and a few heavy books. I hope this changes when maternity-leave (which, by the way, does not exist for students) is over.

I’m so ***ing tired. Go usurp the world-rule without me. I’d rather nurse the baby and (pleeease) have a quick nap.

November 6, 2008

Update:  Momentan sind wir bei Einrichtung unseres Schrankraumes bzw. beim Großputz des Hauses. C. ist im Kindergarten (seit neuestem täglich 4 Stunden; perfekt für sie zum Spielen und für mein Zeitmanagement).

Mein Plan eine to-do-list anzufertigen scheiterte an Papiermangel. Wahrscheinlich wäre die Liste jedoch ohnehin so abstoßend lang, dass wir fluchtartig das Haus verlassen und ins Gasthaus gehen müssten. Besser also planlos herumarbeiten. 

PS: Wir besitzen bereits zwei funktionstüchtige Öfen (einen uralten dunkelgrünen Kachelofen sowie einen neuen Kamin mit Sichtfenster). 

PPS: MOL is here and demands tasks. You know, she tells me to tell her what to do because I’m pregnant and she is bored. Being asked to give orders to MOL by MOL – this is way too cool.


PPS: Does anyone else think that Barack Obama has exactly the same way of holding speeches as Morpheus in Matrix? („Zion, hear me! I stand here before you truthfully unafraid…“)

what’s wrong with me?

Juni 9, 2008

I feel safe, I feel scared, I feel ready yet unprepared….
jeez. I feel so fuzzy in my head.
I feel especially strange towards university and my carreer.
I feel so hopeless about finishing one tiny book, at the next moment I think I really could go for the excellentia-prize with my grades, then I feel like I really-really could make a degree in sociology and philosophy while doing my phd in law, then I think that it is hopeless anyway to study anything with two kids and then I feel like finishing studies is useless as balancing a family and a job is pretty much totally hopeless. Oh, did I mention how great I feel about being qualified for being boss of the whole Austrian police (me and Brenda Leigh Johnson), and how superb my extra-qualification will be when I win the first case, and did I ever talk to you about changing the world, it is so very much possible but anyway it is useless to try as it is so impossible.
And these feeling change, tangle, melt. I feel them all at the very same time (well, one minute this feeling, next minute that).

the tough future question

Februar 2, 2008

When it’s getting late after getting little C. to bed (which takes about 1 1/2 hours at the moment… everything is cooler than sleeping in her opinion) I can’t work on my thesis anymore as I am too tired. So I usually do some kind of bullshit like blogging or listening to music or maybe a little laundry.

This time I wanted to do something a little more useful, namely drawing a concept of the future – like „what to do/ be/wish“ etc. But the thought is unnerving.

I really would like to have a lot of children, like 5 or 6. Giving birth would be ok for me, though being pregnant sucks a bit, like not doing sports and being unable to move. But it is a prize I’d be willing to pay. … the problem is just: How can we possibly ever have enough space, time and money for that?

I have nice images of a house close to the woods, with a garden where the children can play without me having to watch every step as it is necessary in the city and where everyone of us can have a room of one’s own – but, hey, afford that, who, us?

And being a working-mother with 6 children, well, I can imagine that, but only as a comic-strip, not in real life (…like getting up at five, putting on nice make-up, preparing breakfast, waking, tooth-brushing, dressing and feeding 6 kids, gettin them to school and beaming yourself to court… and the day going on like that forever, and even a small cold being a big issue…). Sometimes I think I would like to work. Other times I think I’d rather be a stay-at-home-parent. But as we could not ever afford that it is a useless thought anyhow. It leads to the paradox situation: When we have only one child, we don’t really-really need the money therefore I could stay at home. But as soon as we have more children, we really-really need the money therefore I would have to go to work.

With a lot of kids there is somehow more house-work, I guess. Laundry for 7 people, nooo, I’m far too cool for that, Spiderman never does laundry, why should I? And cooking for 7 family-members plus guests, very nice to do it 3 times a week, but daily … so I get this idea of paying someone to do our house-work, which leads again to the monetarian-issue and is somehow a circulus vitiosus.

… I would also like to do other things like being a professional taekwondo-instructor ( I could take the older kids with me to teach sports), writing a book and doing academice writing and the such.

I’ve been talking to my husband about that, and he somehow has the magic idea that after finishing my thesis things will work out as we want. Of course he is right with the pragmatic approach of finishing one task before facing others. Thing is only: I manage my universitarian carreer (which constitutes a little income), one child and the house-work in a small flat and it is hard. So how can it possibly get any easier with more kids, a bigger house and a job instead of a thesis (I get money from the state for my thesis, so it can be compared to a job, for all my readers who don’t know the Austrian system)?

… tough questions. I think as it always is in life, there will not ever be a bright shining answer.

Plan DX 17

Januar 29, 2008

Dinge, die ich in den nächsten 3 Jahren machen möchte und die eine ganz fiese Tendenz haben, einander auszuschließen

 schwarzer Gürtel in Taekwondo

2. Kind



mein Youth-movement gründen


Und das sind nicht die einzigen Pläne (das Richteramt anstreben, ein Buch veröffentlichen, das Konzept der Hochsteckfrisur perfektionieren etc.)… irgendwelche Koordinationsideen, die keinen time-turner involvieren wären sehr willkommen.