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Fertilize your future self with your present self’s egg.

Juli 12, 2010

read this article on the Washington Post.
There is this couple, aged 30. They want to have kids in the future but are not ready yet. At the same time they are afraid of the risks of infertility and genetic problems arising from pregnancies over 35.
So they decide to get an IV and freeze their embryos. They want the possibility to implant the embryos „produced“ by their 30 year old egg and sperm to be transplanted to their financially and emotionally stable selves in the future.
They call it „preservation IV“ as opposed to „desperation IV“ and then they go on about how superior their thinking is (and I really get the impression that they look down on people who do IV because they can’t get pregnant naturally. I mean, „desperation IV“?).
Now they have all the choices to get babies naturally, but they also have a „baby-backup“.

Apart from my instant dislike for this self-righousness of the article’s author (she had a certain tendency to look down on people who need an IV and to praise her own IV as mature as she didn’t need it) I had trouble with the whole concept. What do you think of it?

Judging reproductive choices of others isn’t my cup of tea usually.
But „baby-backup“? You’re keeping your options open so you’re just deep-freezing a few embryos because maybe you are going to have one of them implanted. Oh, and you have five because if you miscarry you can just take another one. And if you get pregnant without an IV later on in your life you don’t need the back-up, wonderful. What do you think this is, some kind of joke?
PS: Rationally I wonder how I can think this strange. It is a proven fact that getting pregnant gets more and more difficult, especially after 35. And I think normal IVs ok. … still… this idea seems so weird to me. What do you think?


Juli 7, 2010

Carla: And, how did it go? Did you give J.D. a hug?
Dr. Cox: … punched him in the face.

Books everyone has read but me

Juni 29, 2010

( got this idea from Kalafudra)
You list classics you should have read but somehow, uh, shucks, erm… you didn’t.

* L’education sentimentale (Flaubert)
* To kill a mocking bird (Harper Lee)
* Fräulein Jenny Treibel (Theodor Fontane)
* I promessi sposi (Alessandro Manzoni)
* War and peace (Tolstoi)
* something by Rainhard (famous Austrian theatre guy)
* Dickens (I started a few. But I never finished any :P)
* The tempest (Shakespeare)

finale. (The brothers Karamazov)

Juni 13, 2010

„Oh, young children, oh, dear friends, do not be afraid of life! How good is life when one does some good and upright thing!“
„Yes, yes“, the boys repeted in ecstasy.
„Karamazov, we love you!“ they all caught up. Teardrops flashed in the eyes of many.
„Hurrah for Karamazov!“ Kolye proclaimed ecstatically.
„And eternal memory to the dead boy!“ Alyosha added once more with emotion.
„Eternal memory!“
„Karmazov!“ Kolya cried, „is it really true what religion says, that we shall rise up from the dead and come to life and see one another again, even Ilyushechka?“
„Without question we shall rise, without question we shall see one another and joyfully tell one another that has happened“, half-laughing, half in ecstasy, Alyosha replied.
„Oh, how good that will be!“ burst from Kolya.
„Well and now let us finish our talk and go to this funeral meal. Don’t let it trouble you that we shall eat blinis. After all, they are a thing that is ancient and eternal, and good for all that, too,“ Alyosha laughed. „Well come on! Look, we shall go hand in hand.“
„And eternally, like this, all our lives hand in hand! Hurrah for Karamazov!“ Kolya shouted once more in ecstasy, and once more all the boys caught up his exclamation.

the raven review

Juni 7, 2010

And the silken sad uncertain rustling of each purple curtain
Thrilled me – filled me with fantastic terrors never felt before;
So that now, to still the beating of my heart, I stood repeating
`’Tis some visitor entreating entrance at my chamber door –
Some late visitor entreating entrance at my chamber door; –
This it is, and nothing more

Pur-Gothik-Horror. Ich liiiiebe es.
„The raven“ ist ein sehr stimmungsvolles Gedicht mit unglaublicher Sprachkraft. Ich war begeistert, wie die Stimmung des Mannes in den immer dichter werdenden Verszeilen wiedergegeben wird: Zuerst die gruselige Einsamkeit und dann dieser Wahnsinn, und wie der Mann sich zwischendrin immer wieder versichert, dass es „nothing more“ (nichts weiter) ist. (more…)

Dezember 1, 2009

„Hätt’ er gelernt was Rechtes, müsst er nicht schreiben Bücher.“
(sein Onkel über Heinrich Heine)

Cicero als Nitsch-Kunstwerk

November 5, 2009

Cicero: Urks.
Rostra: *erröt*
Pöbel: Wääääääh.
Cicero: *tropf-tropf-tropf*

November 3, 2009

… wieder mal was Lustiges…


Oktober 26, 2009

Es gibt einen Beamtentypus, den ich den „theresianischen Menschen“ genannt habe. Dabei handelt es sich um eine bestimmte Spezies on Beamten und Offizieren, die in der Monarchie absichtlich geschult wurde, etwa seit der Zeit Maria Theresias. Die Tugenden, die dieser Typus verkörpert, sind Konzilianz, Menschenverständnis, Geduld mit den menschlichen Schwächen und stoische Weisheit. Sie haben sich in der Beamtenschaft bis zum Ersten Weltkrieg fortgesetzt und etwas abgeschwächt bis 1938. Erst die Nazizeit hat diesen Typus als unnütz und altmodisch erscheinen lassen. (…) Theresianische Menschen gibt es in Österreich noch immer. Es sind Menschen mit ausgeprägter Großzügigkeit, Herzensgüte und Sehnsucht nach tiefen Freundschaften. Nur werden sie nicht mehr als Qunitessenz der österreichischen Einmalikgkeit gesehen. Aber ihre Ideale leben als Maßstab fort.

(William Johnston im gestrigen Sonntags-Interview der Kleinen Zeitung)

Mein kleiner Beitrag zum Nationalfeiertag. Ich fand diese Worte sehr schön. Und wenn man mich fragt, was ich an Österreich liebe, so würde ich Worte wie diese zu finden versuchen. ^^

On feminism

März 27, 2009

About half a year ago an Austrian politician, Eva Glawischnig, gave an interview. Asked whether she was a feminist she answered: „Well, of course I’m a feminist!“
Would you answer the same?
Because I would never-ever do that.

I want women to have the same rights as men. I want the same respect. I want the equal payment (alriiiight, gimme more). I want my ideas taken as seriously as the ideas of men. I want my opinions and suggestions heard and valued as a man’s.
But I would never call myself a feminist in public.
… this is not as contradictory as you think….

Because the word „feminist“ was successfully turned into a pejorative by anti-feminists.

Wanting equal rights, demanding the same respect as men — sure, women agree.
But being a feminist… this sounds so angry. So aggressive. So hating men and disliking children. So not-shaving-your-leg-hair. And who would want to be associated with something as unpleasant as that.

The anti-feminist league won this battle long ago. Maybe finding a new word for „feminism“ is what would get more people declare themselves feminists and promote women’s issues.