I have to make a decision between A and B.
And whenever I feel totally convinced of A, someone says „Well, there’s this one thing about B…“ and I don’t know anymore.

I think sometimes we have to decide between two alternatives. And the important thing isn’t really whether you choose alternative A or B. The important thing is choosing one of them.
Because the very worst (and highly desirable) alternative is not choosing and thinking about how both A and B are possible. Not taking decisions will never do you any good. You’ll be feeling safe and warm and cosy… and you’ll be on the losing side.


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  1. kalafudra Says:

    The problem with decisions is that you’re closing options. And that’s always dangerous. 🙂

  2. L Says:

    Exactly. But when you keep your options open forever you never get either of the alternatives. You claim both and you get none. Fear of commitment is a bitch. 😛

    I’ve now taken the decision and feel very good about myself. But dreamily thinking about how both is possible felt better. Does this make any sense? Like some sort of thought you’re thinking on the edge of sleep… and the mindless comfort grows and grows because you have such a great plan. And in the morning it wouldn’t be a great plan anymore.

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