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März 31, 2009

2,6 Millionen Kinder leben in Deutschland unter der Armutsgrenze. Es gibt kein Geld für warmes Essen in der Schule, keines für gratis Schulbücher, keines für durchschnittliche Kinderbetreuung.
Aber wer sich ein neues Auto kauft, bekommt eine Abwrackprämie in der Höhe von 2500 Euro für sein altes Auto. Für die Subventionierung der Automobilindustrie haben sie offensichtlich mehr Geld als für die Kinder der wegrationalisierten Ex-Zulieferindustriearbeiter. Ist schon irgendwie sarkastisch, wer staatliches Geld bekommt (die Reichen. die Banken. die mit den neuen Autos) und wer nicht (die, die angeblich dem Staat auf der Tasche liegen).
Ich muss schon anmerken, ich bewundere sehr, wie große Unternehmen hemmungslos Geldleistungen vom Staat kassieren, ihre Verluste sozialisieren und die Gewinne privatisieren.


5 things you want your kids to know as they are growing up

März 30, 2009

The premise of this meme is to list 5 things you want your kids to know as they are growing up.

1) General education. Everything is connected to everything. You learn, you achieve wisom, you get understanding. Knowledge and education makes you open for new perspectives, makes you able able to think , makes you able to walk unknown paths, makes you realize some of your problems and ideals are not yours but humanity’s.
From this general knowledge you get to understand the existence of alternatives: that you could act differently, that you could shape your surroundings differently, that everything (from your flat’s furniture to the political system you live in) could be different. That choice exists. Also, that choice is limited. And that is important to know whose limitations to accept and whose not.

2) This whole morality as obedience to certain rules thingy: To respect other humans for being fellow humans. To respect their rights and integrity. To tolerate different opinions and believes. To come to aid to these in need. To love the young ones, to respect the old ones, but never to accept an authority that does not deserve this name. To love justice and peace. To despise cruelty. To act in a way that does not cause your regret.

3) A certain concept of integrity, of not being a coward, of strength and pride. To stand with your friends. To claim your rights. To oppose someone else’s will if his will seems wrong to you. To never stop fighting back. Do not be aggressive – but do not yield to aggression, either.

4) I’m sure some of your words or actions will sometimes not be to me liking and I will mention that – but I’ll never stop loving you. I will always support your decisions best as I can (unless there are decisions you can not yet make, then I will make them for you). We can always talk things over. I believe in you.

5) I’d die for you.

quitting social media

März 28, 2009

I’m hereby quitting my favorite online-community ( because I spend nearly every evening in front of the screen, discussing educational topics with people who share my opinions anyway… more than half an hour every day. This makes – shiiiid!around 180 hours a year.
I’ll use it for something better. Maybe writing prose, maybe reading scientific stuff, maybe just chatting with A.

How about you.
How much time do you spend in front of the computer/TV screen (office hours don’t count)?
Does it make a difference to you whether the sun shines or not (workdays don’t count)?
And again: If your life was a movie… would you want to watch it?
(these thoughts are from I don’t think everything they do is oh-so-cool and I of course disclaim everything they may or may not have on their homepage, but these thoughts got me somehow.)

März 28, 2009

if everything’s under control…
you’re just not fast enough.

(L. has taken on a few new things. Ask her personally if you’re wondering.)

On feminism

März 27, 2009

About half a year ago an Austrian politician, Eva Glawischnig, gave an interview. Asked whether she was a feminist she answered: „Well, of course I’m a feminist!“
Would you answer the same?
Because I would never-ever do that.

I want women to have the same rights as men. I want the same respect. I want the equal payment (alriiiight, gimme more). I want my ideas taken as seriously as the ideas of men. I want my opinions and suggestions heard and valued as a man’s.
But I would never call myself a feminist in public.
… this is not as contradictory as you think….

Because the word „feminist“ was successfully turned into a pejorative by anti-feminists.

Wanting equal rights, demanding the same respect as men — sure, women agree.
But being a feminist… this sounds so angry. So aggressive. So hating men and disliking children. So not-shaving-your-leg-hair. And who would want to be associated with something as unpleasant as that.

The anti-feminist league won this battle long ago. Maybe finding a new word for „feminism“ is what would get more people declare themselves feminists and promote women’s issues.

you could be so much more….

März 26, 2009

Do you know this feeling?
If only you’d refrain from a certain stupid thing, if only you had more discipline, if only you had more time, if only you were willing to pay the price…
you could be so much more….

my personal examples:
I’m so certain that I could write something really cool, special and prudent (can writing be prudent?). That I could produce something of academic value.
I’m so certain that I’d make a good taekwondo-fighter.
That I’d make an average writer (though I’m sure that I’d never be one of the great ones there).
That I could chamge so many peoples lives for the better.
That I could lead a certain party better than it is led now.
Hell, even that I could have a stylish, well-kept house and garden. (though I know that this will never-ever make my top priority and therefore never happen)

What are your so-much-mores?

März 25, 2009

Dworkins Theorie darüber, dass es nur ein richtiges Urteil in einem bestimmten Fall geben kann. Wie konnte ich bisher ohne sie leben. *schmacht*

März 25, 2009

The most serious threat to our democracy is now the grotesque and increasing dependence of politicians on rich individual and corporate donors. A 2002 poll reported that over 70 percent of Americans—an astounding proportion—think that congressmen vote to please major contributors, not as they themselves think best for their country.
(Dworkin: „The Supreme Court Phalanx“. Studie: M. Mellman & R. Wirthlin, „Public Views of Party Soft Money,“ in Inside the Campaign Finance Battle: Court Testimony on the New Reforms (A. Corrado, T. Mann, & T. Potter eds. Brookings Institution, 2003), p. 267)

Worried about – freaking everything!

März 25, 2009

It took me a lot of angry words, even threats to get A.’s consent to look after the baby/go to the doctor with her (just for checkups) to give me 3 hours of undisturbed office-time. Everything was arranged, we packed everything for the baby, and A. left with the baby in the car. So far, so god.
And now I sit here, chiefly worried. Worried about how A. will pass the dangerous road to the hospital. Worried about how the doctors there might be unfriendly towards him. Worried about how he will manage to carry both the baby and the rucksack with the baby-equipment. Worried about the baby’s mood (will she feel lonely without me?)
Worried about – freaking everything!
This is stupid. I made him „volunteer“ for this task. I wouldn’t have made him had I not been certain about his ability to cope with everything. So… why the worries?

März 24, 2009

Elmayer, hilf!

…. und einen Coach brauch ich noch immer.

@Kalafudra: du hast Recht, für jemanden, der nicht sämtliche Informationen in meinem müden Hirn teilt, ist das nicht wirklich lesbar gewesen… hab’s removet(d?), weil die Erklärung zu lange dauern würde.