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Dezember 27, 2008

Gute Vorsätze fürs neue Jahr zu fassen war zwar niemals Tradition in meiner Familie; durch das Lesen von Walt Disney Comics (in denen Donald regelmäßig an der Durchführung seiner guten Vorsätze scheiterte) wurde ich aber mit dem Gedanken vertraut und befand ihn für gut.
Drum also meine Vorsätze für 2009, die ich mit euch teile – postet auch die euren, ich finde so was immer voll spannend. :o)

* regelmäßig Taekwondo trainieren (Muskel aufbauen, der nicht mehr existiert ist seeeehr böse. Leute, deren Muskeln bloß schwach sind verstehen diesen gelinden Unterschied nicht.)
* Montag bis Freitag vormittag 4 Stunden Dissertation schreiben, wenn das Baby es zulässt
* ein Mal im Monat etwas lesen, das nicht wissenschaftlich ist (dass mich die deutsche Grammatik und Rechtschreibung nicht vollends verlässt)
* jeden Termin im Kalender eintragen

… nicht sehr actionlastig, ich weiß. Bin gespannt auf eure Vorsätze =:-)


con te partisco

Dezember 26, 2008

…questa notte, ch’io viva dove tu respiri, ch’io t’ascolti dormire anche una volta, che anch’io vegli per te come i tuoi cani!

Aligi: Tu lo sai, tu lo sai quel che s’attende. Con te partisco l’acqua il pane e il sale
(D’Annunzio. So beautiful…)

Dezember 22, 2008

I got myself a hand-mitt and a waterbag (both for training purposes) via onlineshopping for Chrismas. Do I really need it? No. But, maybe, just maybe, I’m really going to do this taekwondo-thing sometime. And until then I’ll enjoy having cool equipment all for myself. Because about 10 months ago I decided that I’m going to live the way I want, and exactly the way I want, and if living the way I want includes owning gadgets that might be considered superfluus by other people, well, so be it.

Meme again

Dezember 21, 2008

Name 4 professions, other than yours, that you would like to have:
– Taekwondo-trainer
– Midwife
– Author (trashbooks)
–lawyer (well, maybe I’m going to do that despite my other career-plan… let’s see)

Name 4 abilities that you don’t have but would like to have:
-I’d like to know how to sew professionally (simply designing clothes and making them… wow…)
– singing well enough to make people join in
– Smile and forget an insult or an inconvenience
– I’d like to have a strong, stable voice in situations where I’m either angry or afraid

If you had 4 weeks all by yourself, whereever you want – where? And what would you do?
I’d like to stay at home to catch up on everything, especially on my dissertation. And maybe write some prose. And maybe I’d read a book.

Name 4 issues you think important:
-Tobin tax
– Women’s issues in general
-Work/life-balance for everyone
-fighting poverty in 1st world countries because it is a shame that it exists (Of course it is a shame in third world countries, too)

What do you see when you look out of the window?
At the moment: A group of children entering the church grounds with candles in their hands (it’s dawning already). Usually: The street. The church. The hill. A chapel. A very hip bar. Sky.

meme developed by L. Use. Spread. Whatever. –

go usurp the world-rule without me.

Dezember 20, 2008

Somehow I have this annoying feeling of getting nothing accomplished. Example: The empty boxes (destined for the wastepaper-box) in our living room haven’t left the living room since they were emptied 5 weeks ago. The do-it-yourself-closet for our clothes is still in the Ikea-wrapping it was delivered in 7 weeks ago. Don’t ask me about undone laundry, empty shelves in my study and the dust covering my university-books. Oh, jeez, the university. Two kids and pursuing an accademic carreer is very evil. At the moment I don’t dare write my tutor because I haven’t written anything and I feel like our general agreement to write the ph.d with him as a tutor must have expired because I haven’t even fixed a title or written a concept so far…I’m writing this with my youngest daughter on my knees. But I can not imagine writing something complicated which involves balancing a kid and a few heavy books. I hope this changes when maternity-leave (which, by the way, does not exist for students) is over.

I’m so ***ing tired. Go usurp the world-rule without me. I’d rather nurse the baby and (pleeease) have a quick nap.

I need this

Dezember 14, 2008

The ability to go without sleep.
This would be the solution to all my problems.

Dezember 10, 2008

L. was at my place over the week-end.
I love my new town and my new house, but I miss having just 25 minutes in the subway between L. and me. Greatly.

It was nice that you’ve been here, L. :o)

Dezember 10, 2008

Oh sure, everyone makes fun of the catholics.

until they need an exorcism.

Dezember 9, 2008

I’m very fond of my grandmother. When I was a kid we always had lots of fun together, she was strong, caring, dependable, wise and always so giving, you know, without asking anything from you, she cooked my favorite meals, practised the alphabet with me, taught me how to swim and so on.

now she is old. Old like losing certain abilities and getting strange habits and having a weak body. She knows it herself and she tells me daily how useless she feels because she can’t work, can’t help me with the kids or anything. I try to make her laugh and try to help her with the things she can’t cope with alone anymore, but still she knows that she has lost her body’s strength and that it won’t come again and that she will never ever be independent anymore, and that she can’t really support her family by working with the kids or in the house anymore. It makes her really sad. I hate seeing her sad over her age. I hate having so little time to help her (at the moment coping with 2 kids, the university and the household is very much too much work for me), I try, but it is never really enough. What is a visit of an hour compared to 24 hours of loneliness. What help is it if I put out the dustbins twice a week when she would have done this twice a day.
… jeez, this sucks. Baby-A. is crying, gotta leave.


Dezember 4, 2008

C. hat in ihrem jungen Leben bisher noch nie ferngesehen. Irgendwann wird jedoch der Tag kommen, wo ich liebend gerne eine halbe Stunde durch verweichlichendes Bildschirmgeflimmer abgelenktes Kind haben möchte. Irgendwann also wird Klein-C. vor dem Apple sitzen und eine DVD schauen. Eventuell sogar bevor sie 3 Jahre ist.
…. die angeschauten Filme sollten jedoch von Qualität sein.
Jetzt kommt eure Aufgabe: Nennt mir eure 5 liebsten Kinderfilme (egal ob Zeichentrick oder real) auf dass ich eine gute Auswahl für C. treffen kann.

Hier wären meine (nicht wertende Reihenfolge) favorites:

– König der Löwen
– Aristocats
– Die Brüder Löwenherz
– Kevin: home alone
– Spirited away (hab ich allerdings erst mit 16 gesehen)