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doctor’s darling

Juli 15, 2008

I don’t know what it is with me… I don’t get normal compliments too often, but I do often get strange compliments by „professionals“.

I am the person who was just recently told by her (female) doctor what beautiful legs she has. („Really, girlie! And your movements, so strong, so beautiful! Are you a dancer?“ „….“)
Today at the hospital where I have to go for check-ups for the new baby the (male) doctor started with how beautiful my tummy was, and then he started rejoicing about the unborn’s organs („so visible because you are so slim“ and on he went „you really should be starring in a universitarian anatomic video“. He said this like „you really should be starring on MTV“ or even worse.
My trainer in taekwondo was practically swooning over my ability to bend, („and how long your legs are! Your body’s just perfect“ … for the purpose of kicking other people in the face, well, at least we do match some criteria….). I had sports students and nutritional scientists marvel at my perfection, I had artists telling me how nice to paint I would be (I’d prefer myself carven into stone, though), I even had a (rather strange) student of history getting the hots because „really, L., I gotta tell you, you look so aryan“ and an optometrist losing it over how gracefully I can put the contactlenses in my eyes (I even fattened my budget by starring my gracefully moving lenseholding fingers into my eyes for an advertisment).

You really should be starring in a universitarian anatomic video. Hmmmm….


Juli 14, 2008

You are their class.
It’s damn silly pretend you’re not.


Juli 13, 2008

I’ve been wanting to write more about little C. and her adventures on my blog for so long. Now I’m going to start with a short description.

C. is getting 2 years old in November. She is small (yet unusually tall for her age), has big blue eyes and blonde curls.
She is one of the wildest and quickest kids everywhere around. When being outside the flat she never walks, she runs constantly.
She is so good-spirited. She always laughs. The little girl is amused or fascinated by the slightest “event” (like a plane in the sky) – and it is catching. I was never laughing as much in my life as I do now. We are trying to concept of playfully “wrestling” and tickling now and she loves it. Sometimes she giggles so hard that I can’t help but start giggling too.
When she tastes something she likes, you can see her whole little face filling with delight. When she gets raspberries and currants she really starts to dance around in the kitchen, it’s fun to watch even as a parent.

(here you can see her sitting in her great-grandfather’s bureau-chair)

another list

Juli 13, 2008

I am still waiting for my university to send me a vvvvery nice letter and instead of being angry about this taking such a long time I’ve taken the decision to do nothing but nice things in the meantime. No work, no ph.d-writing, just stuff I’ve long since wanted to do and never got around.
Here’s my list of stuff to do:
*cuddle with C., play L*go and read her children’s books for hours
* catching up on old friends
* going to the movies once
* maybe starting a (*gasp*) book that does not contain words like „bona fidae personae“
* writing (like Catullish poems about people I dislike; diary, maybe even my book-project)
* weblog: there will be a new category where I write about little C. and our daily life and adventures
* going to the MQ-children’s-museum with C.
* going to the zoo with C.
* staying in the Carinthian mountains to just relax, wander the woods, do BBQ and so on
* maybe even improve our flat (our kitchen still has no tiled walls though I’d like that)

Juli 9, 2008

Some time ago I’ve been working for a company that was a bit ill-structured, but everyone was friendly (though there were strange alliances, too). I really liked the boss, he was a little tense but so polite and nice… well. The boss has disappeared. So have 50 000 Euro.

…. these incidents can or can not be linked.

10 random/weird things

Juli 8, 2008

Write 10 random and/or weird things about yourself and list the 5 people you’re going to tag and a reason why you’re tagging them.

1.) I am very fond of lillies. In fact, I’m fond of all kinds of flowers. I love having flowers around in my flat, yet I hate to see them fade so I throw them away when they are still beautiful.
2.) Did I mention Rupert Everett is gorgeous?
3.) I’d like to teach taekwondo or do some other Yoda-stuff like teaching my padawans about self-esteem and self-defence.
4.) I want to own a huge house with garden near to Vienna and fill this house with (half) a dozen of kids.
5.) I constantly think about new patterns/ways to keep my things safe from my little daughter but somehow she always outwits me.
6.) When I have nothing to say I don’t say anything. It infuriates people.
7.) I have the keys to five different houses.
8.) I love Christmas and the time around.
9.) Silence is bliss.
10.) I tend to forget other people’s sins easily.

Again, anyone who want to answer this, do so. I don’t tag, I’m too grown-up 😉 I’ve already done this meme some time ago, but I think it is one of the coolest.

Issues women should think their own

Juli 8, 2008

When I went home yesterday I had some rather creepy guy always behind me ever since I had exchanged good-byes with K. He stared and sniffed and did funny faces and even took pictures of me with his mobile and kept following me and about that time I started thinking, jeez, what if ignoring him does not work out.
I’ve asked around some time ago, and most girls/women I know claim that this is normal and they don’t care and it is fun and some weird compliment, and, no, afraid, why, it is only someone big and strange following you in the dark, that’s normal. I honestly don’t think it is any of these. And I don’t think any girl really thinks so, but somehow they don’t want to be a misanthropic-afraid-sissy and this is why they claim that it is very much alright.

To be the first one not to deny it: When such things happen I do get afraid and I do not think it in any case normal, nice or fun.
The question I’m so wondering about is:
When I express my dislike of weird people following me or men shouting abusive comments on me or the such….
All men I know understand that women dislike that and none of them would tell a woman that she is a sissy because she gets afraid in situations like the one named above. Men say that it is a bad thing to molest women, and anyways, they’d gladly punch someone down for me if they could seize him etc.
On the other hand I’ve heard so many women (talking behind the back of other women, but even to their faces ) saying that a woman expressing her dislike for „abusive“ situations are sissies, because nothing did happen after all, he just wanted to frighten you a bit (how nice of him),this is normal, why bother and can’t you laugh about this idiot, this is fun (!) and anyways, have you been wearing this short skirt again?

This is an issue I’ve stumbled across so often: That women’s issues get kicked down and talked small. And not by men, but by women.
I think this really-really sucks.
And I’ve been so wondering why.


It is the very same with motherhood. Men have an understanding for it. They offer you a seat if you are pregnant, they tell you that being a young mother is very cool for the child, they try to express their appreciation for doing the housework, the child-raising and bearing. I can not speak for all women/mothers, bt my feeling was always that men in general have a positive attitude towards mothers with kids.
And women don’t. They tend to tell you that having kids is your private affair which they do not like, they say that raising kids is somehow nothing of value (even other mothers), they blame you for having a carreer or for having none, for having a husband (then you have it soooo cozy and are therefore lazy) or not (then you’re a stupid sl*t), for going out (leaving your kids alone with their father) or not (negleceting your social duties) etc. Whatever you don’t have, they’ll blame you.

This is some secret I really don’t understand. Most women share these problems of life-balance, of being handicaped due to a pregnancy and a toddler on their hand, of finding no cool job because of being female, of being verbally (or even not only that) abused because of their weakness.
But they a) don’t see it as a common problem and b) try to find blame in other women for being in a difficult situation because of being female or c) try to find blame in other women for their own sucking situation (like the housewive who blames the lawyer for going to court instead of staying with her kids.)

amerikanische Kochrezepte

Juli 5, 2008

Ich hab mich das schon so ewig gefragt: wie schwer ist ein cup?
Hier die Antwort, die ich unbedingt mit euch teilen muss. Da es sich um volumensbedingte Maße handelt (so weit war ich schon), hängt es vom spez. Gewicht (Masse? …. ich drück mal alles in Alltagssprache aus) der abzumessenden Substanz ab. Ein cup Mehl wiegt deutlich weniger (120 g) als ein cup Zucker (220g).
Cool, oder? Wieder ein Rätsel gelöst.

top-ten of things to spend your money on

Juli 4, 2008

What makes your top-ten of things to spend your money on? An interesting question to ask yourself and your check-books.
So, here we go:

1) Food ex aequo with rent for flat
2) warm water, electricity etc.
3) Stuff for university (study-fees, books, internet…)
4) clothes (clothes are high-ranked because C. is still growing and in constant need of clothes and shoes)
5) Cosmetics including diapers
6) gifts for friends
7)cleaning woman
8.)(long pause of nothing…. everything coming now is below 30 Euro a month)
Drinking coffee with friends, eating out (including Kebap)
9)mobility (metro-card, train-tickets)
10) phone and stamps

I think 1-5 is stuff I spend quite an amount of money on. The other following are of no financial importance anymore.
When doing this list I realized that number 6: gifts for friends is quite expensive as everyone is constantly having birthday or X-mas or finishing summa cum laude. I also realized that I don’t spend any significant amount (in fact none at all) of money on books, cinema, music or DVDs. I guess this is why I’m always on the surplus side. 😉
I’d suggest to everyone to try doing this list (you don’t have to publish it). You’ll realize a lot about your life-style and your budget.

Juli 2, 2008

Wenn du nicht mehr kannst …
machst du dann weiter
oder hörst du auf?