playground suckers

There is a disproportional high amount of suckers among mothers. I mean, you meet suckers everywhere, but when you meet a mother, the chances of her being a sucker is much higher than when you meet any other woman.
Did I mention that before?

This is why I am not very happy with going to the playground. I think playgrounds should be places where kids can play and the parents can chat or play along with their kids or read a book…. but very often going to the playground just means meeting suckers.
Stupid, cruel, strange or smelly mothers. And sometimes you just can’t avoid talking to them.
Oftentimes nobody talks to me due to a lack of German speaking capability, due to being inpolite or because the playground is just empty. I don’t like that either. But silence is a lot better than what most mothers on our playground actually have to say.

I’d like to have someone nice going to the playground with me and little C, someone who likes his/her kid playing with mine and who has some intelligence and a friendly character.
I never thought this could actually be difficult.


5 Antworten to “playground suckers”

  1. kalafudra Says:

    Haven’t you found a playground mom? I thought I remember you writing about her. What happened?

  2. L Says:

    She moved to a district with terrace houses, huge parks and richer people 😛
    Where she now lives is more than 1 hour away so we can’t really go to the playground together anymore. We see each other once a month or every two months but it’s not like we are doing the everyday-toddler-life together anymore. I feel very sorry about that but, well, I also understand that she wants to live somewhere nicer.

  3. mcC Says:

    I can hook you up. No, seriously, I really can. Lives in the same district as you, is a friend of finn’s, university student and has an approx. 1-yr old son. I’ll set something in motion if you want.

  4. L Says:

    Yes, please, do that. :o) I’d like to get to know someone sane-brained with kids. And a student… whew, classy. Give her my e-mail or something.

    btw, sorry about your marker (Lesezeichen)… now I also understand your attachment to the thing better.

    And, sorry for the tagging thing – you could have just ignored it, I’m not offended by that. (Usually I don’t tag anyway as I think it a bit childish… but, well)

    PS: Do you have time in July?

  5. mcC Says:

    yes, july is great. Because july is not june. and that means that there will be no soccer.
    but I thought you weren’t going to be here in july?

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