playground suckers II

You may think that I am just a character that doesn’t make friends easily and this is why I haven’t found any mother to make friends with. (Well, I found two in fact, but they both moved away. One to the suburbia, one back to Bulgaria). Have two examples of how the mothers in my neighbourhood are and judge for your self if you’d like to make friends with them….

Ex. I

I think I already metioned them before, these large groups of always angry looking women who sit together, smoking, cursing and chatting, occassionally spitting on the floor – and they don’t want to be interrupted because their sitting, smoking and spitting is important business. So whenever one of their kids approaches them with whatever issue (except eating), they shout at it and send it away. Small kid insists, one of them gets up, cuts a branch from a tree and starts trashing.
I of course knew it was no use, but, well, would you have this before your very eyes? So I told her that the 2 year old kid really was too small and if she could not handle this differently. Her reaction was first pretending not to understand, then calling me racist when I told her she damn well did understand and finally spitting right on my shoes.
…. I wish I could tell you that after a few polite calming words of mine, she listened and decided to not trash at least the smaller kids, but well. (Hehe, honestly at that moment I wished to slap her across the face but I am far too civilised to fulfill such wishes)

Ex. II
These rather old mothers who are so overprotective towards their kids. When C. approaches one of them, they take their kids away because C. could hurt them. I don’t know, what does C. look like, an Orc? They (the mothers, not the children) reclaim the toys in the sandpit, telling my girl to „play with your own things“ (they also take C’s toys away from their kids… but I don’t think that any of these toddlers understands the notion of property so this is plain stupid). The strangest thing that ever happened, though, was the mother of a ten year old (not in any way disabled) girl who really started shouting at my two year old because she wanted to join her 10 year old daughter in the sandpit, like „can’t you see that Anna is building a castle, go away“.

I think it is the concept of a public playground that the children play together. That they share the public things, that they learn how to solve their disputes themselves (a little helped by the adults), that they do stuff together. If you want your kid not to be touched/talked to/looked at by other kids, well, then stay at home or buy yourself a private garden.


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  1. BB Says:

    I’ll try my best to get pregnant :o)

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