Of all the things that you do in your daily life – the special deeds, the every-day tasks, everything – what do you think is of value? What do you like to do? Does your own pleasure (like enjoying a good meal) create a lasting value? And if not, what does?
Do you think your job makes a difference, changes something? If not, should it?
What are the goals worth achieving?
How would you like to live, what do you want to do, change, think, fight for?
What is a life-style that deserves your respect?

I’d be really interested in your answers.


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  1. BB Says:

    This is a very important question. Maybe one looks for the answer a whole life-time. If I find a good and short answer, I’ll post it here.

    Concerning the creating of values through one’s own pleasure: I think this is possible. One happy moment, like shared laughter between friends can create a value of its own…. though some things that are pleasure may not really be of value. Like when I watch too many DVDs: It pleases me, but sometimes it leaves me with an „empty“ sort of feeling afterwards (like one has wasted time, one should have done something better like sports or friends or studying).

  2. Daria Says:

    … I know this „empty“ feeling after too much internet 😉
    A life-style that deserves my respect… my parents have that. It is an „average“ kind of life of father and mother doing everything for their kids and getting their happiness through that.

  3. L Says:

    thanks for answering. These were really though questions, I realized myself when I tried to find an answer that I can actually post. And I didn’t find such an answer…. so, well.
    I agreee with you about this empty feeling thing, this was exactly what I meant. When you do it, you think it is pleasure, but somehow deeper inside you know it is absolutely worthless. Like spending 2 hours online in your rare free-time and afterwards you just think „why the hell did I not do anything cooler“.

    …concerning things of value: I found a very short answer that doesn’t really cover it all, but it is a start: *hehe*

    – eat (conserve the individuum)
    -take care of child (conserve your species)
    -study (conserve your class)

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