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November 29, 2007

Being strong makes you tolerant towards weakness. If you know that you are absolutely superior to somebody in some way (be it fighting, rhetorics, education, intelligence, cooking,  whatever…) than you never feel the need to prove your being better than the other person. You smile and let the kid win the kickbox-fight. You don’t tell X. that she’d better stop talking about Austrian law as she does not know anything about it (except for  talking loudly). The great problem with being better than someone exists only when you are just a tiny bit better than the other one. (Or, worse, just a tiny bit weaker than the other one). Only then there is a need to prove your place.  And then suddenly it matters. As you are just a little bit stronger you have to fight hard (otherwise you lose). Then you hurt someone, usually not physically but by saying something that humilates the other one which sucks as it would not have been necessary if you’d only felt certain about your being better.  

Being superior is definintely much more nice. You don’t need to win so you have already won. (I’m getting my buddhistc touch today 😉  )Not only does your own great ability make you more tolerant. It makes you even more kind, because of your understanding. You can smile with this knowledge of „If we fight, I’ll win. Therefore, my little opponent: You may score“. 


November 18, 2007

… Der nächste wurde vor die Frage gestellt, was stärker sei, Leben oder Tod. Er erwiderte: „Das Leben, denn es erträgt so viel Leid.“

November 17, 2007



November 15, 2007

(Die Szene, wo Alyoha bei der schizophrenen Liza sitzt und sie ihm ihre kranken Gedanken mitteilt und ihn beschimpft und berichtet, dass sie seinen Bruder liebt. Und er sitzt bei ihr und hört zu und versteht.)
Und dann fragt sie ihn:

„.. but simply for me, will you weep, will you weep?“
„Yes, I will.“
„Thank you! Yours are the only tears I need.“

Zaudert nicht, die Inkonsequenz zu zermalmen!

November 12, 2007

ES REICHT! Ich schreib das jetzt in 3 Wochen fertig und gebe es ab, egal wie es ausschaut.

Tag des Sports 2007

November 12, 2007

„Wir möchten Sie herzlich zum „Tag des Sports 2007“ an der Paris Lodron Universität Salzburg, am 23. November 2007 einladen. Von 9.00 Uhr bis 17:00 Uhr finden interessante Vorträge und eine Round-Table Diskussion zum Thema Sport statt“ (Zitat aus einer Aussendung der Uni Salzburg zum Tag des Sports)

… ich hätte eher an so etwas gedacht: „In den Innenhöfen im Toskanatrakt finden wilde Rugbymatches statt. Die Hörsäle wurden für Synchronschwimmzwecke unter Wasser gesetzt. Alle, die bei unserem Studenten vs. Professoren Volleball-Match mitmachen wollen, sollen sich im Sekretariat der Theologischen Fakultät melden“.
Aber bitte, warum nicht einfach über Sport diskutieren, Vorträge halten und wissenschaftlich arbeiten. That shows the day’s spirit!

November 11, 2007


Oh, ich mag Schnee. Schnee macht alles so ruhig und prima und kuschelig….
Und C. kann dann im Schnee rumhüpfen.

November 10, 2007

ooooh, shoot me! Here I sit dreaming of my master-thesis and how great I will feel when handing it in. And how great my thesis-party will be. And how I will get cards with my name and title printed. And then I got to the fridge and eat some cold meat and think about how even more nice handing in my doctor-thesis must be.

… maybe I will bang my head against the wall until inspiration comes. Having to write a thesis sucks. Nobody ever tells us how to do this properly and nobody is able to tell us how to fight our own inconsequence.

November 5, 2007

Mit steinerner Miene und voll Willensstärke schloss unsere Heldin die sinnlosen Internetaktivitäten ab, trank einen fünffachen Espresso und begann, die Nacht mit wissenschaftlicher Arbeit zu füllen.

playing tag

November 4, 2007

I got caught. Apparently if you get tagged you gotta continue the meme. That means you have to write 10 random and/or weird things about yourself and list the 5 people you’re going to tag and a reason why you’re tagging them. *

10 random things:

1.) I want to found a youth-movement. Kind of a mixture between the scouts and plato’s academy with a slight touch of freemasons and Don Bosco.
2.) I write a lot (trying to write a book, doing my thesis…). After writing I am afraid that I might adress people I know by names or sentences that appear in my writing.
3.) I love to plan things that are not yet of importance while neglecting the more urgent errands. (like planning my master of law – party instead of finishing my studies)
4.) I like the view of fighting men. It is what men are meant to do. Anyone wanting to see something nice should watch the sparring in a more advanced taekwondo-club.
5.) In a conversation I sometimes oppose my friend’s opinion just so that we can discuss, not because I mean it. This is very unnerving for people who don’t know me well.
6.) When I have nothing to say I don’t say anything. Which is very unnerving even for those who know me well.
7.) I’m a fan of Leonard Cohen.
8.) I just found out that I can surf inside baby’s blue-sledge-box.
9.) I’d like to rule the world. Part time.
10.) When I was a kid I was a total winner. I alsways won the ski-cups and the swimming-cups in the glorious towns of Friesach and Flattnitz. Always had straight As, always was grandpa’s and grandma’s darling.

5 people:
I’m looking forward to reading yours!!!there you go with your obsession for writing lists:

1.) Lena
2.) Johanna
3.) Lonesome
5.) Babsi

PS: Andie tagged me. Thanks a lot for giving me a reason to stop working – I, of course, was looking for one. * I stole the description from you, hope that’s ok.